The Café Process Gallery

The Café Process Gallery began early in 2015 as an open and experimental project to create an ever changing gallery in the Waunifor café that would give us an opportunity to explore topics of interest in our ongoing work together, as well as add to the quality and specialness of the Waunifor Centre itself.

From the beginning we have gone for informality, making white boards on which to display our unframed work, with a firm decision made that the process is more important than any finished result. When we gather at the opening of an exhibition, it is the conversations we have together, sharing our inspirations and challenges, that give us the most encouragement. The exhibitors have included professional or trained artists as well as complete beginners who have never exhibited before, and it doesn’t seem to matter.

The topics we have chosen have been around themes that touch all of our lives, such as ‘Portrait of an Attitude’, ‘Transformation’, ‘A Journal of the Many Small Lives’, ‘The Human Being’, ‘Holding an Essence’, ‘Transmission’, ‘A Tribute’ , ‘The Journey’, ‘Universal Patterns’, ‘Self Portrait’ and our last one ‘Earth as a Sacred Space’. We have explored these themes in very individual ways, discovering different approaches to bring them alive inside ourselves.

We have not been able to include pictures or writings about all of the exhibitions but hope in the future to put more of the writings and highlights up on this site. If you are interested and would like to be involved in a gallery that is more inner journeying than finished result, and feel drawn to working with others into themes such as we have presented, do contact us, and join us in our art workshops and discussions.

This new exhibition by the café gallery has taken each of us on an inward journey to find the enduring threads of our own motivations and to celebrate together that there is so much, as we live, to be moved by.
We live with and upon an exquisite planet. It hangs in the vastness of space, a small blue ball, part of the solar system, one of five hundred solar systems in the milky way alone…. In this new café gallery exhibition each of the artists has had the opportunity to explore and express their value, love and appreciation of our planet.
In the creation of this exhibition of self portraits by the café process gallery the emphasis has been very searching, less on “here I am” and more on “who am I?” and from the beginning the process has been thought provoking and challenging. How do we view our essential selfness?
Most of us have imagined at some time what it would be like to live in another place or time, to be immersed in a different way of life, philosophy, religion or culture. This new online gallery features an exhibition by the Café Process Gallery where we each selected a place, a time, a culture that fascinates us and created a simple tribute.
It is easy to lose touch with all those patterns surrounding our lives that repeat over and over, such as the design of a bird's feather, the dance of a bee as it moves from flower to flower, the dawn and the dusk, the four seasons, positive, negative, and neutral, the list is endless. This exhibition was dedicated to those enduring patterns.
"We are surrounded by webs and relationships, nothing actually on its own, a vast exchange of natures, substances and resonances, seen and unseen".