This ever changing section of the website includes short spoken pieces by some of the members and volunteers. The main brief of this “Voices” has been to recollect a moment or experience that been significant to us, particularly in the formation of our values. These have been recorded mostly very impromptu.

Telling a Story

Wedding Party

Sally Hayes

What would you say to someone who asks for your advice about life, out of the blue and on the spot? Sally Hayes tells of finding herself in this surprise situation ………
Finding value in unlikely places

Clare Zeevi

I wanted to recount this story because it had a profound effect on my life.
It caused me to add thought and value to so many seemingly mundane acts in my life bringing with it a richness and a depth of appreciation.
Ali Sain and the Aspirin

Eva Skalla

Set in the Himalayas this is a story about the fineness of perception when it is not dominated by presumed understanding. What do we miss because we are familiar, rather than always searching for the mystery in every moment? Life can be amazing moment to moment.

Elaine Graham

It's one thing to know what one wants - and that is challenge enough; it's another to have the confidence, courage and conviction to ask for it. This story was one of my early life lessons that fortune does not favour those who hide the light of their longings under a bushel.
Wisdom that Sustains

Lucinda Chapman

I believe that a line of wisdom has survived unbroken throughout human history, passed from generation to generation. In this story I make contact with that very line.
Drawing trees?

Jackie Henshall

This story is about learning to draw inside an orchard of apple trees, coming up against the blockage of “the orchard that lived in my head” and finding inside this experience a new transforming openness.
Horse Whispering

Clare Zeevi

This is a story which caused me to be aware about the element of control in my life, and the wisdom of practicing patience.
Those special moments

Saija Toth

A wise man once said, “life is a moment to moment love affair that lasts forever.” – I believe those moments are always available for us and I think it is rather I who is not often available for those moments.
A Canopy of Understanding

Jackie Henshall

This story catches a moment I had walking at Dinefwr and some musings that came to me whilst staring up through a canopy of trees at the sky.
The Friendly Tree

Elaine Graham