About Us

“The Waunifor Centre is a place to discover together the greatness and the proposition of being given life.”   Clare Zeevi

The Waunifor Centre

"An unfinished and unending live enquiry concerning human purpose and potential way of life."

Waunifor was acquired in 1999 by the Template Foundation for its tranquillity and residential capacity. It is one of three centres in Britain, the other two being in Nottingham and Barnet, North London. Waunifor is a contrastingly peaceful working environment away from the city and is greatly valued for its location in West Wales and in Maesycrugiau specifically.

Supporters of the Foundation who live and work in the surrounding area help to run and maintain the site by their volunteer efforts and support its ongoing practical and charitable activities with their regular donations. We also meet at Waunifor to engage in and further our work in all its many and varied expressions, which have been the basis of regular events held here. In the last nineteen years these have attracted thousands of local, national and international visitors of all ages.

Our endeavour, put simply, is to uphold true human values, sentiments and standards. At its spiritual core is the assertion that human life is of profound significance. The continuous search and discovery of what we do is towards the nature of response called for in the twenty first century to the fact of human life and consciousness. It is an unfinished and unending live enquiry concerning human purpose and potential way of life.

In 2004 we were greatly assisted by a European Union grant, agreed by the Welsh Assembly and match-funded by Template supporters. This allowed us to build the Cedar Hall, the Rendezvous Café and the Craft Centre, and as you will see on the plaque outside the Cedar Hall, 5000 volunteer hours of labour were offered to complete the project.

The Template Foundation

The Template Foundation is part of the International Template Network originating from the motives and philosophy of the Emin (www.emin.org) which began in London over forty years ago. The Template Network has independent centres in twelve countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. The Template Foundation in Britain is established as a Charitable Trust. (www.templatefoundation.org.uk)

If you would like to find out more please contact us and we will be glad to meet up with you for a conversation about what it is we do, or come along to a talk, workshop or an event (advertised on this site) that interests you and we can meet you there.

“It is in sharing, demonstrating, asking questions that lead to new better questions.” Saija Toth

The Waunifor Facilities

We hire out our facilities including 6 holiday cottages and 2 meeting rooms and also offer experiences such as Pottery ‘throwing on the wheel’, Craft workshops, Mixed Media Art, Wellbeing through Nature, Arthurian Magic & Mystery in West Wales and Tai Chi. Visit our sister website www.waunifor.com for further information.